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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 19, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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to - thanks to dna. >> gusty wins and torrential rain and lightning. this is a dangerous -- turns out a bolt of lightning knocking out power to the tv station and back-up generators bailed him out. if i'mly the ugly. four workers in the world world site busted for taking booze breaks. they were fired. peter jaunce -- johnson. julian peterson good morning. >> what is this here. what is it. steve dose helped me because he was the weather. "fox and friends" starts tomorrow morning. >> gretchin: good morning, it
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is july 19th. i . gretchip - gretchin carlson. first george zimmerman with a tv. >> i felt it him going to my holster . i didn't have anymore time. >> gretchin: more for the exclusive interview coming up. stove steve former governor of florida. higher taxes and more government created a sense of a dark cloud over our country. >> steve: brand new polls from fox back up jeb bush. >> and a man is trying to kidnap a girl and how her brother saved her.
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"fox and friends" starts, right now. stove steve welcome abord, folks. we are lucky to have a lawyer on retainer since we had george zimmerman on with hanity. >> gretchin: as long as we don't pay the hourly rate. >> no, for you. >> steve: basic cable. >> gretchin: according to your analysis and parts of the. over night shocking developments in the brazen attack israeli tourist. the suspected bomber carried a fake license from michigan. the fbi said the person doesn't exist in the database. dozens more were hurt and 154
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poem on the bus including eight children. sevore storms it is summer time in the northeast. more than are -- 100,000 homes and businesses without power. golf ball size hail slammed in the streets. here is a picture above queens new york. it locks like a joint vortex over the city. hail and lightning and torrential rain and no major injuries. there were wide spread airport delays and could create a back log today. parent was -- partners said the drone strike was unconstitutional. the justice department fired
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back saying it was justified. al-awlaki was linked to the underwear bomber and fort hood shooter. a new pill to reduce blood pressure and cholesteral levels . the pill prevented high blood pressure. researchers say it is promising. those are the head lines. >> steve: the fox news exclusive and world exclusive. sean hanity sat down with george zimmerman in an undisclosed location in florida. with his lawyer we heard all sorts of thing george zimmerman . he left that fateful night to go to target to do his weekly grocery shopping. and sean said to him, by the way we heard about you being a neighborhood watch guy, why did you do that?
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the answer was manage you never heard before. >> august of 2012, there was a home invasion. a young lady home with her 9 month old baby and they broke in the sliding glass door and she barricaded herself in the upbed room and my wife was home by herself and she saw the people run through our back yard with their belongings and my wife wasn't certain what happened it was enough to scare her and shake her up. and i promised i would keep her safe. >> gretchin: that is why he actually was patrolling his neighborhood. the other thing is, there is a lot made of the central part of the case. which is the encounter.
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what happened when george zimmerman saw trayvon martin. the police said to stay out of it this is what happened after that. >> he started to barb - bash my head in the concrete side walk. he broke my nose and i started yelling for help. i was disoriented and he started to slam my head into the concrete. >> which is where the lacerations came from? >> yes, sir. >> you said it was like your head was going to explode. >> yes, sir . >> he continued to punch me in the head. >> yes, sir. >> he said you are (bleep) and
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die tonight and i felt his hand going down to my holster. i didn't have more time. >> i know the events happened quickly. do you remember consciously thinking i have to grab my gun or did he just do it. duthink you were going to die and you thought -- >> i would love to give it. >> mr. zimmerman said it was a life or death struggle. and trayvon martin. trying to get the gun that mr. zimmerman had on its person. it is reflective and contemptulative. and we actually hear an apology as to what went on that day. >> i do wish that there was something, anything i could have done that wouldn't have put me in the position of
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taking his life. and i do want to tell everyone, my wife, my family and parents and grand mother and the martins, the city of sanford and america that i am sorry this happened. i hate to think that because of this incident and because of my actions it has polarized and divided america. >> >> steve: peter ultimate low you have to figure out it was a legal calculation to put him on television. >> it is high risk . he does help his case because he displays himself as a person who thought about the actions on that day. and he articulated in ways i never heard before. >> steve: yeah. >> the fright he experienced
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at that time as mr. martin was moving down his body to get his fire arm. it is depicted in a way it was a doe he said i didn't know what stand your ground was. it was a real-life struggle of one man who was a community watchman based upon an experience he had in his life and seen in the neighborhood. >> gretchin: why don't we see more of these kinds of interviews. it must be a reason why the prosecution is looking at this. saying it is good for us, too. >> in that sense they will dissect it. there is an anticipation that mr. zimmerman will testify in his case. any juror who saw this and if he goes to trial and not testify, why didn't he testify under oath? he was not under oath.
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it is it high stakes and in terms of getting his message across they were affective. steve stove his parents will join gretch with their reaction. jeb bush was at a couple of locations in ohio akron and hamilton, ohio. we hear so much about big government. that's one of the problems today with america. he said mitt romney is the man to fix things. >> policies of higher taxes and government and involvement in the regulatory environment of the economy and deficits where leadership is required to fix them and the president is missing in action created a morass and a dark cloud over our country that can be lifted
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by restoring american great theness and thos what i believe mitt romney will do on day one. >> gretchin: there is it a lot of discussion based on the president's comments about the role of government in private business. here was the question. what best describes your view on government given the current economic conditions. government is the problem in corpercent said yes. government is the solution only 23 percent said yes. and 8 percent believe it is mixed has the obama administration made the economy better or worse. >> better, and 49 percent said yes. and the same 10 percent. >> steve: also a new york times poll that came out yesterday. the barak obama campaign pumped 100 million in the swing states for negative advertising. they were horr for identification to see in the
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latest new york cbspoll mitt romney is ahead of obama. it is it a margin of air. bain being bad and tax returns is not working. >> it is not a difference. >> gretchin: coming up on "fox and friends" a record number of people are on food steps. why is our country working with mexico to make it higher. >> uncle sam robbing the old to pay the young to keep student loan rates. stuart varney tell us if that is true . >> steve: he's right on schedule. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac
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>> peter: do you remember when the president pushed hard to keep interest student rates from spiking. this is what he said last month. >> the number one thing congress should do for you. right now, is to stop interest rates on student loan rates from doubling in the end of the month. our job is not just to get people back to work, but our job is to build an where the hard work pays off. >> steve: now we know where it comes from. one year interest rate was hidden in the transportation bill and raids a troubled pension fund. peat pote hard work pays off, are we kicking the can down the road. stuart varney, what is down the road. >> we are kicking the can down
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the road. subsidize the student loans and one year, we are taking 6 billion in the guaranteed pension fund that was already broked. we kicked the can down the road and taking money from the retiree loan and give it to student. peat pote was it is going to be begin back . >> it is broke. and estimated needs 50 billion to make it whole. by taking 6 billion you made it less whole to start with. >> steve: we covered the bruha-hain capitol hill. the republicans were for it but the question was where is the money coming from? they are take out of a pension fund to pay for student loans and it is not for all students, it is incoming fresh
3:18 am
man for one year. and sounds great on the campaign trail, but it is to get past the election. >> this is typical of the way president obama and democrats in the senate handle the nations finance. quick fix and kick the can down the roll. >> steve: like the pay roll tax cut. >> we are a hand out bail out nation. the postal service is about to go in default. it will not make the payment to the pension fund. can't do it and run out of money and needs a bailout and the president wants a bailout. and whether they get it or not it is it a hand out, bail out nation it goes on and on and on. >> steve: every time we hear stories, e-mails from the poem. what is trangling us is
3:19 am
federally man dated payments to the pension fund. but it makes them responsible. >> it is underfunded anyway. and congress said in 2006, you have to make these payments to make it whole now they say we don't have the money. first ever default by the u.s. postal service. >> peter: five billion and real money. it >> steve: three hours from now he willit is in the big chair. >> don't talk chairs. >> steve: he went to the dentist yesterday. peat pote playing with pain. strong man. >> steve: coming up next. immants allowed to flight school. and i thought after 9/11. >> what is the secret to
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upon >> steve: radio call just released in the shooting of a california highway patrol. >> i have been shot twice. blue yukon with 24 wheels and holes on the driver side. one is in moy chest and one in the hand and life threatening.
3:24 am
>> >> steve: police are searching for the shotter. and meterologist said the dust will sweep over the atlantic because of strong winds and paint the sky the scoy a milky color. stand by florida. >> they identified receptors in the brain and how we only acess 20 percent of the brain? that lets you access all of it. >> gretchin: a top-secret pill that super human abilities. there is a vague and ambiguous for the brain. it is providual too good to be true. yoining me now is dr. johnathon d brody.
3:25 am
>> good morning. >> gretchin: this is a drug for what? >> we use it for narlepsy ask use it for obstructive sleep disorder and people who have sleep apnea. and get tired the next afternoon and use for people who change shifts. policemen and fire men. >> gretchin: it has specific uses. but people are thinking how if it stimulates those kinds of folks maybe i will feel good. >> there is a claim. and people use it people thinks that it makes them more alert and better focused and more activity and very seductive and people like to feel focused and active and good. >> gretchin: especially in the american culture where we are
3:26 am
going and rearing and going to the next goal. what are your concerns about people using it in the wrong manner? >> it is it used in an untested manner and no one askeded - studied the affects on the normal human brain. if you have a drug that changes the brain, it is it never a free lunch. we don't know what that is, and normally the fda to approve it you have to study its affects in normal people and show that it is safe. >> gretchin: so what happened here? >> no one studied it. >> gretchin: is it fair to say the reason it is not studied it is making money. >> what is the financial incentive to study a drug. they are not advertising it. and the company was foined -fined for promoting the off label use and paid the fine. but they mack a lot of money
3:27 am
on the drug and it may be an affective drug. >> gretchin: prescription sales went up and 832,000 in 2007 to 1.4 million in 2011. you say that the drug is addictive and that is another concern. >> it to be mildly addictive and in the same way people who use drugs like cocaine, they initially start out to get a high. and then after a while, it is it the dark side, they just don't feel normal without it and so when you get testimonials to thi ffacy of people using the drug initially. it seems to improve focal concentrations and some aspects of brain functions and it doesn't improve other aspects of brain functions and
3:28 am
the question becomes after a while. if you stop the drug, have you in fact, detuned the brain? >> gretchin: sounds like a lot of concerns, dr. brody, thank you for your insight. >> thank you. >> gretchin: coming up on camera, if you are a parent or not, this guy tries to pick up the girl and kidnap her . the two year old boy, her brother saved her life and a record number of people and they are working with mexico to make it higher and george hamilton. ♪
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3:33 am
getting ready for the start of the new york city soldier ride wounded soldiers and civilians will go 17 miles through manhattan and brook lib and here is the co-fowner of soldier ride . >> great to have you. >> steve: tell us what the two ladder drucks are doing. >> they are solds us. and we'll be in brooklyn ask nothing but supportive of us. >> steve: put a great big american flag. and "fox and friends" is the start of soldier ride. for people, the very first ride started right here nine years ago with chris carny and he raised million by treking. >> 46,000 mimes. stove steve who are the riders and soldier. >> we have wounded warriors not only from america but
3:34 am
england and israel joining us. it starts three days of rides. >> steve: it is not only today. >> it is 30 from the beach. and civilians will rise with us. and it is from east hampton and sag harbor and back. >> steve: you guys are here . something we have never done before. one hour from now. we'll have a special purple heart pinning live on the program. >> james o' leary. we are honored to be a part. >> steve: people see the ads for wounded warrior. and they will see what is the best way contribute. >> you can go to the website and show support. donate money any way you can. >> steve: it is another great
3:35 am
day. soldier ride kicks off on "fox news sunday". go to gretchin and pjj for the head lines. >> gretchin: tsa is supposed to make sure the flying public is left. tsa let 25 illegal immigrants attend pilot's training. worse yet. the immigrants owned the school. >> we have cancer patients, iraq war vet rans all forced to undergo rigorous security checks to get on an airplane. at the same time there are foreign national necessary the united states training to fly like mohamed atta and the other 9/11 highlers did. they are not getting a security background check. is that risk-based security?
3:36 am
i don't think so. >> gretchin: people on the no-fly list were approved for pilot training. >> peter: it is a chilling child abduction attempt in philadelphia. the suspect puts his hand over her mouth and gropes her trying to get her off of the street. it was the two year old brother's screaming that made him fly away. police call the local authorities. gletch gretch that is it a scary site. controversial mosque opening to worshippers in tennessee. the battle begans when they claimed muslims are trying to replace the u.s. constitution with sharia law. the city they didn't notify
3:37 am
the public it was built. the islamic hole hel month begins today. >> peter: white house under fire for encouraging immigrants to go on welfare. there is a partnership with the usa with mexico and promotes food steps for mexican. there was radiad to promote welfare. those ads were pull but not the u.s. partnership. right now the fod stamps cost 72 billion for taxpayers a year. >> gretchin: george zimmerman, the man charged with the murder of trayvon martin peeking out. but does his words help or hurt his case. >> you said on the 911 call, that he's running. you said that to the dispatch.
3:38 am
>> i said he was running. he was like skipping and going away quickly he wasn't running out of fear. >> you could tell the difference. >> he was not running. >> he was not actually running. >> no, sir. >> that's what you said to the dispatcher. >> steve: joining us is a fox news senior analyst judge napalitano. >> i thought sean asked superb questions and it is a great interview. but if i were his lawyer, i would not have let him give the interview. one of the advantages that the defendant has the government has to go first. the government doesn't hear his voice or interrogate him in ever and he decides whether or not he wants to take the witness stand. george martin sort of took the witness stand and sean hannity or george zimmerman took the
3:39 am
witness stand and sean hannity cross examined him. and the trayvon martin running or walking or skipping provides a field day for the prosecutors to explore. >> gretchin: yust that one piece of information. he said in he thought it was god's plan that it potentially happen. and he had no regrets. if you are the prosecution, are you basing your entire case around the statements. >> not basing the entire case. but these are statements that the jury will hear. because they are sort of admissions and statements that he made in an effort to justify himself. peter, i don't know why lawyers let their clients do this. >> peter: there was a lot of things said in the issue. there was a racial epithet
3:40 am
that was interesting. watch that and tell us what you think, judge. >> it was a controversy early on, george, where there was some in the media that hired expert voice analyst and i am certain that works. and they recanted and resended their analysis where the explet ives get away with this all of the time. do you remember what it was that you said specifically. >> punks. >> that was not a racial epithet. >> no, i can tell you when the police played it for me in the station it was clear as day. >> when he said punks. i don't know it. he miles. >> well, i don't know what that is in his hand. punks was translated by another net work as blacks. and that shows a racial --
3:41 am
there is nothing wrong with being against punks. people that are inappropriately behaving in a public place. but to be that way because of skin color changes the dynamics. i don't think he helped himself and sean questions were probe excellent. >> steve: if the prosecution introduced portions of the tape it was not under oath. >> no, if they introduce that, that will force him to take the stand then they have areas of his thought to interrogate him about it and they didn't know about. >> gretchin: different than in the police statement. >> jurors question the credibility of the witness and it is very, very important
3:42 am
events. >> gretchin: coming up, judge, at seven:45 a.m. eastern time we'll talk to trayvon martin's parents and their response to the zimmerman interview. >> peter: did you know that president obama attend 183 fund raisers and that's as many as the past four presidents altogether. should the president spend more time being president. >> steve: a problem to get the cat in the cat carriier. all you need is one simple trick for your tabby and we'll spill the beans straight ahead.
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>> in the last year and half president obama had the same amount of fund raisers as the last four presidents combined. some think that the president should just spend more time being president. joining us is the augustor of the brand new book coming out this week. rise of the president's permanent campaign. dr. and professor brendon. >> thank you. talk about the numbers and what is going on in terms of the astounding amount of time that president obama spent raising funds. >> i look at how the president allocates his resources. he has more reelection fund raiser. and important to put in historical contest. we would be talking about how george w. bush broke the
3:47 am
equipment record. >> peter: look at numbers in terps of ronald regan. jbush 137 and how we are at 7-- 270. >> that is an increase the rules of the campaign limits. it combined with the cost of the campaign. the bed rock has been putting limits on the amount of money given to the campaign to limit the corruption or appearance of corruption. but campaign costs are exploding. it norses a presidential candidate to spend more time raising money. >> peter: but this is a choice made by the individual president. there is a criticism that the president has not attended a
3:48 am
job's counselmeeting and brought together 26 american leaders to talk about how to create jobs in america. but at the same time the capacity to go to fund raisers and people are giving $50 or $100,000 a person. are our proprietaries wrong? >> these are choices presidents make but it is the rules of the system. and so george bush broke thint's record and clinton broke the former bush's record. obama's records will - likely fall. public financing held down the amount of time president's spend raising money. it was in exchange for voluntarily spending habits and now he has to raise money in incretcrements. and super pacs raise money.
3:49 am
there are trade offs. time with the president is scarce time he's not, he's not doing it. >> folks, i suggest they read your book professor, it is interesting and we hope to have you back soon. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> peter: no fly list no problem for terrorist who want to take down american planes plus cat owners say it is the biggest problem they face, getting the cat in the carriier. how do you get that feline in the carriier? you need one simple trick. you may not know what it is, but we'll let you know, here kitty, kitty. come on. ♪
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♪ acting as he usually does. and that is how we walk. >> steve: is a walk with your dog like what we showed you. in that case, no panic. here is the host of animal planet. it is me or the dog. >> hi, good morning. >> steve: we had a big dog, that was one of the problems he want tod go anywhere and there is a catch. >> look. this is a distracting environment. and sheba here who is a
3:54 am
beautiful dogments to investigate and curious. but in an environment like this we need to teach them to walk delose to us. that is teaching the dog . if you pull you will not get to where you want to get tompt but if you walk by my side you will get to where you want to go. >> steve: you can get sheba or a big q. without dragging them. >> and i will tell you. she's distracting by the camera. let's go. good girl. good girl. >> steve: you are totally. i pulled my body around and encouraged her to follow me. you can see the environment for her is just too much. >> steve: we'll put sheba over there. and so many people want to
3:55 am
take the cats to the vet. but it is hard to get the cat in the carriier. i am sure bob is freaked out as well. here is the carriier. last thing you do is jam the cat in the carriier. you don't want to shove them in. you build it up slowly. i make the great the best place for the cat to be. i will put it its end. i will put it in bottom first. they do the tar fish and bottom thing flat it is easier to get it in >> steve: the cat is much more relaxed. and allows the cat to make its own decision and it is it a
3:56 am
safe and comfortable den-like place you don't just present it they take the cat to the vet. and therefore, the crate is the trigger. >> steve: we should point out it is not the perfect environment to do a dog and cat demonstration . but by the way, all of these animals are available up for adoption. go to our frens for more information and victoria will be back answering your pet's questions and problems. send them to us. and e-mail them to us at "fox and friends".com. me or the dog. thank you very much d. it is it a nice calming and relaxingnvironment. we have fire trucks and a thousands of people and tranquil. straight ahead. most people would agree that we do a good job of keeping crim nams off of the streets.
3:57 am
jon stossle said we look up people too long. he will describe that. is new york, new york big enough for tim teb feb -- tebow big enough for mark sanchez.
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4:00 am
>> gretchin: good morning, i am gretchin karlson, george zimmerman is breaking his sentence in the first tv interview. a fox news exclusive. >> he said you are going to (bleep) die tonight. i felt the hand going down to my chest and belt and holster. that's when i didn't have any more time. >> gretchin: trayvon martin's parents are here on "fox and friends" to respond.
4:01 am
>> millions of americans are out of work and so what is the president doing about it not talking to his job more on that straight ahead. >> steve: after 9/11, a decade after would-be terrorist can board planes in the united states. thought you fixed that. and "fox and friends" hour two for thursday starts now. ♪ note >> gretchin: good morning, everyone. it is thursday and peter johnson sitting in for brian. >> steve: brian will be kicking himself . rex ryan head coach of the jets will be with us and the other end. joe montana. talking not only about football but if you got aches and pains in your joints.
4:02 am
joe is the man. >> gretchin: rex a an. and darle issa and mishle walk man and senator marco rubio will be here talking about if he is on the list. >> steve: in florida, is where sean hannity sat down with george zimmerman for the first tv interview. he's out on million dollars worth of bail right now. sean got him to -- he had answered questions to things that he had not described before. for instance what was going on when both of them. trayvon and george was gowndown on the ground and there was a gun between them? >> he said you are going to die tonight. (bleep) and took one hand off of my mouth and i felt it
4:03 am
going down my chest and belt and holster. i didn't have any more time. >> you think you acted in a conscious thought. i know events happened quickly. do you remember consciously thinking of grabbing the gun or did you just do it. was there a conscious thought that went through your head and you thought you were going to die. >> i would love to give you an answer. >> you don't know. >> it just happened so quickly. >> gretchin: that's how he is describing the encounter. did the interview help with a public image. you could argue yes. but usually in high profile cases attorneys don't allow the client to do that because of expectation of having them testify and what they say not line up with what they told police in the past. >> peter: not only did mr. zimmerman feel threatened
4:04 am
on that day, he also said that now high feels threatened by other things in the united states as a result of what occurred on that day. let's watch this. >> do you feel your life is in jeopardy. >> yes, sir. why the black panth ther. >> amongst others. >> you have had multiple death threats. >> yes, sir. >> look at what happened in the case. it was spike lee tweeting out what he thinks is your home address and reverend al sharpton and nbc news. what do you say to spike lee and al sharpton and those who rush to judgment and what do you think their motives. >> i can't guess what their motives are. i would ask for an apology. ninety-two >> steve: in the end of the interview with
4:05 am
sean. sean asked him if there nothing to say. he looked in the camera and talked about how he felt in his heart and how it has torn america apart. listen. >> i do wish that there was manage, anything i could have done that wouldn't have put me in the position of having to take his life. and i do want to tell everyone, my wife, my family, my parents, my grandmother. the martins, the city of sanford and america that i am sorry that this happened. i hate to think that because of the incident and my actions, it has polarized and divided america. >> gretchin: coming nup 40 minutes from now. we are going to speak to trayvon martin's parents and they will join us live at 7:45 eastern time and respond to
4:06 am
the interview. new information over night. suspected homicide bomber in israel had a fake driver's license in michigan. the fbi said the person does not exist in the database. 7 people died and dozens more hurt and more people on the bus including eight children. israel said iranian backed hes bolais responsible and they will retaliate. this is the scene in manhattan where golf ball size player rained down. there is a picture from queens. the rain forming a giant shield over the and parts of massachusetts to vermont seeing hail and lightning and rain no major injuries. there were wide spread airport delays and that could create a
4:07 am
back log throughout the day. parents of home grown terrorist al-awlaki now suing the federal government. it claims that the drone strike that kill would their son and other terrorist in yemen was unconstitutional. the justice department fired back saying it was justified. al-awlaki was linked to the underwear bomber and fort hood shooter has an. you can be on the u.s. government's no fly list and till learn how to fly in this country. after september september11th. there were a lot of background checks put in place. but none for the home grown terrorist d. >> let me say it is extremely disturbing. according to the gao, the main cause of the problem tsa needs strorning internal controls. >> gretchin: right now 500
4:08 am
u.s. citizens on the no-fly list the tsa said they don't have authority for background unless the person has a certificate from the faa. peat pite huge disconnect. >> steve: bad guys is looking for loop holes. >> gretchin: that is a huge one. talking about politics, the presidential priorities are not the job counsel. he -- the president put together a counseland look in economic recovery and get america back up and running the way it should be. that particular job hasn't met since january 16th. they were asked why. >> the counsel, you reported that they haven't met forpally
4:09 am
or publicly for six months, why is that? >> the president solicits and receives input and advice from members of the job's counsel and others about economic initiatives all of the time. >> there is no reason to have them meet publicly. >> no, the president has a lot on his plate. >> steve: the president has a lot on his plate. we know that the president said my job one is to create jobs. he's not met with the job counselone time in six months. peter, you had a historian on. >> peter: yes. >> steve: 89 fund raisers and zero meeting the job counsel. that is jaw-dropping. >> peter: it is jaw-dropping. there is it a lot of americans who don't have a plate and been foreclosed on and taken away.
4:10 am
there's no -- there is no -- >> gretchin: wouldn't you think that the members of the job counselwould call the job's counselsaying we are going to meet? >> peter: it is interesting. it is someone that the president pointed to as a model for job creation even though they are creating hundreds of thousands of jobs outside of the united states. >> steve: it is all about the economy. the president is not met with the job counselin the last six months. mitt romney who has been making hay with his political message over the last 72 hours since the president said in roanoke, virginia about you didn't build that. mitt romney went on the offense on the job's counselthing in bowling green, ohio. >> when something is in trouble and people need good jobs, you would think that the
4:11 am
president would focus energy and passion on helping people get jobs. you know what he's doing in the last six months. yeah, in the last six months, he's held 100 fund raisers and guess how many meetings with the job's counsel. none, zero, in the last six months it makes it where his priority are . he's trying to keep his own job that's why he will lose it >> gretchin: we'll keep you posted on those developments in the morning. coming up is big government the problem or the solution. we'll have the polls after the break. >> steve: he was given freedom because he was bed ridden. how did he stand up and walk out of the courtroom in you think the judge was surprised? >> peter: i have seen that
4:12 am
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4:15 am
>> gretchin: brand new fox polls about the presidential election and state of the count reap. >> steve: the polls show the mood in america could be bad news for president obama. peter has more. >> the 2012 election is not held today. you don't have to go to the polls, but if it was held today here's how things would break down. president obama would take 45 percent and mitt romney take 41 percent and the president's number is down two poigns since this time last year mitt
4:16 am
romney's chances are the same as last july and higher than last month. the independent vote president obama is winning that. he has slightly better than last month mitt romney has 34 percent three points better. and 28 percent of those middle of the road voters are unsure even though the president is leading the race, as the american public kicks around the idea of who they want to win in november. 64 percent think that government is the problem given current economic conditions. 23 percent think that government is the solution to the bad economy. and 8 percent are mixed and say it depends 62 percent of the voters are not satisfied with the way things are going and that is much higher than 38 percent who are saved. and the polls are taken from
4:17 am
saturday to tuesday and current and can be giving you the way the folkses are leaning. back to you. >> steve: thank you, peter. one of the interesting bit of news. d nc featured ann romney's dancing horse in the olympics. she uses that horse for ms therapy. you can't use that to pick apart her husband. and ann romney took offense of it the dn thereto c said the use of the horse was not meant to offend mrs. romney and we regret it. and no more horse videos. will trayvon martin's parents accept the apology. pote pote it is 350 pounds and
4:18 am
rex ryan said enough. now the jet's coach. what a guy and how did he do it. coach rex ryan next d. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin,
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4:21 am
>> peter: it is time for the news by the numbers. $210 million that's how much capitol one will pay for charges and geth payment protection. 10 percent. that's how much detroit mayor david bing is cutting the wages of uniworkers.
4:22 am
bing said it will save 102 year. and finally, 19 million dollars. that's how much sofia vegara made last year. the modern family star is the highest paid actress on tv. according to forbes. stove stove they would know. >> gretchin: he's notine a starter. tim tebow tarts the career in the new york jet. he's been on the show as well. mark sanchez. is the city big enough for the both of them. joining us is rex roy an. good to see you. >> thank you. >> gretchin: you look fantastic and lost a lot of weight. >> i am down 105 pounds. i was 348s from where i was. and luckily through the lap band procedure they had.
4:23 am
it has worked and when you lose that much weight, it is amazing, you look better and feel better and it is it as tim tebow i am excited to get this thing going. >> steve: lap band is a big step. you are talking about surgery there. you triedivering else and it didn't work. >> i did everything that a obese person will tell you. they lose a ton of weight. >> steve: morbidly obese. did you feel you were that big. >> i had no idea i was that big. i thought it was 300 or 310 that was 348. are you kidding me. this is after the first year we played the colts and the game. and i am how much? i knew thep. >> steve: you come from a big family. >> my twin brother had the lap
4:24 am
band procedure and down 60 pounds as well. this thing works. and i think the row in the morn you talked about it that is a big, big. step. and had the surge row in the morn home in thining and went to work full-time the next day. and i felt fine with it >> gretchin: will you be the same rex ryan that people have come to love or kind of go oopsie what will he say next. >> i want to be the one that wins. i did it for health reasons. i have been married 25 years and it was not like i am trying to slim down for other reasons. i do look better now. if you lose 100 pounds you look better. it was for health and low blood pressure and cholesteral and i am ready to attack the
4:25 am
season. >> steve: i imagine you got high blood pressure when people say sanchez and tebow. officially markez will start. what point does he get the call from the coach. >> first two years we had more success on offense and we had blad smith who we lost to buffalo. and guy that invented the wild cat and brought the wild cat to the national football league was tony soprano. and i am a belver in it and i know how difficult it is to defend makes you play len on 11 best wild cat in football is tim tebow. he's a young man who can play quarterback. and we have a starting quarterback in mark sanchez and all i said about tim tebow he is an outstanding football
4:26 am
player>> steve: inspirational young man as well >> no question about that. >> gretchin: do you feel pressure about putting him in the game at all? because people want to see him play because he is so popular. >> my job is to win games. and so whatever that means. i just want to win. that's what our fans want more than anything else to win and that is my charge. >> steve: what about the phenomenon where people do the tebow. a homage to tim who is saluting somebody on a higher playing field. a lot of jet fans will do the tebow thing. >> gretchin: he will be a fascination for the jet's fans. 62 percent of the people want sanchez to start. and 38 percent want tebow. have a great season. great to see you.
4:27 am
and i know you will have more energy to coach on the sideline. >> steve: have given you a new nickname. >> they stick with the traditional. >> steve: we don't need to go in those. >> gretchin: look at this shocking video. watch how easy this can happen. he's trying to abduct the 10 year old girl off of the street. day light and the two year eeled brother saved her. >> steve: he convinced the judge to say he is not free. so manage everybody is surprised including the guy who walked out of the door to freedom. that story on on "fox and friends". [ male announcer ] before you take it on your road trip...
4:28 am
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and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c250 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. ♪ this is it a special day for us on "fox and friends". i don't feel this way very much but i do today. incredible thing that is going to happen. we are out on the wounded warrior project and getting
4:32 am
ready for the start of the new york city soldier ride. we are joined by two special men. it is a special day to them. it is their alive day. back in this date in 2004 james and an drow were involved in a mortar attack in iraq and now as wounded warriors they work for the wwp and help out others and james will be honored with a purple heart in a ceremony on the plasa. good morning, gentlemen. how are you. i am so honored to be with you today. tell me the live days, what does that mean >> we were given a second chance in life. we were wounded in combat and a second chance to be here and happy to be alive. >> peter: you were terribly injured in 2004. what happened. >> i lost part of my left lung and shoulder and had my lung
4:33 am
collapsed and i am lucky to be here. >> peter: you were part of that brave cadre of wounded wariers and people who lost their livos that day and we hear the pipes piping behind us. what is your memory of that day and what does it mean to ride through new york city with the fire department and police department and incredible men and women who gave so much. >> i still remember that day like it was yesterday. my team leader was killed and another guy was killed and james severely wounded and our squad leader was wounded and couple of guys were wounded and lucky for me, i was not physically wounded. but when i came back state side i had readjustment and diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. i live every day for the ser
4:34 am
gant. pote peat who will you be thinking of? it >> thinking about charles and the sergeant who gave their lives and sacrificed their lives for others. we'll think about them every day. >> peter: we are so proud to be present. good bless you both. gretch? >> steve: we have done the show a long time and never had a purple heart pen being. it is a special day as they kick off the soldier ride. >> gretchin: in the mean time head lines now. and radio call released in the shooting of a highway patrol officer . he told back up to slow down when he realizes he's okay.
4:35 am
>> gretchin: manhunt underway for the shooter and the driver in the shooter's car. >> steve: it is chilling. an attempted child abduction. the suspect put his hand over the girl and gropes here and not before falling down. police say it was her two year old brother screaming that quickly scared him away . the bad guy fled in a white sed an. if you have information call philadelphia and local authorities about it >> gretchin: talking about making a mockery. he was walk bedridden. karl funk cured after allowed to post $50 billa. he was disabled and in a bed
4:36 am
for the rest of his life. he was appearing on a $2000 warrant. the prosecutor got him to lower the bail because he was bedridden. >> gretchin: he's showing his walking came back. steve stove $50 bail and out and about. it is it thursday and let's see where it is raining. we have heavy stuff in the portions of the great lakes and back in the portions of the ohio valley and mississippi and missouri valley as well . and most part things are clear here in the northeast after a powerful string of thunderstorms moved through last night. current temperatures as you can see. 50s in the portions of new englands in dixie land and down through florida. things will warm up
4:37 am
substantially today it will be 105 and a hot one in kansas city. and temperatures in the center mark. and new york city will be about 10-15 degrees choler than yesterday. hot stuff is down south. it will feel like it in washington dc close to 100. that's the fox travel cast. >> gretchin: coming up. man charged with killing trayvon martin talks to the parents. >> i am sorry they had to bury their child. >> gretchin: trayvon martin's parents are here next to react. >> peter: when why did a training exercise go so wrong. the story ahead. >> steve: starting your day with the trivia question of the born on this day 1962, this actor starred along side
4:38 am
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4:41 am
>> peter: archaeologist finding what may be the remains of mona lisa. she was believed to be buried 470 years ago. and the bones will be tested and compared to heran cestors.
4:42 am
>> and a fiery exercise goes wrong. four firefighters suffered burns after two fuel packages inside of the building exploded. the fire chief is on administrative leave for not responding to the emergency fast enough. >> thank you, gretchin. >> the man charged with killing trayvon martin gave his side of the story. tracey martin and mother and benjamin trump the attorney. good morning to all three of you. and i want to extend the sincere condollences. i haven't been able to speak to you about the loss of your son. >> good morning. >> you saw an apology moment to george zimmerman to you and others. i want to listen to that and respond.
4:43 am
>> i will tell them again i am sorry. and i don't have, my wife and i don't have any children. i have nefews they love more than life and love them more than myself and when they were born it was a different unique bond and love for them i love my children even though they are not born yet and i am sorry that they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like. and i pray for them daily. >> gretchin: sabrina and tracey, after hearing that apology directed to you. what is your response back to george zimmerman. >> i personally don't feel it is sincere. i feel like he is saying anything he want to and not sincere and coming from his heart. >> again, i don't feel it was sincere either. george zimmerman had ample enough time to apologizitous
4:44 am
for taking the life of our son before the first arrest and to come and try to publicly apologize now . he's trying to save face. >> gretchin: i want you to listen to another thing he was said. he was asked by sean hannity about regrets. >> is there anything you regret? do you regret getting out of the car to follow trayvon that night. >> no, sir. >> do you regret having a gun that night. >> no, sir. >> do you feel you wouldn't be here for that brew. >> no, sir. i feel it was all god's plan and for me to second guess or judge it, -- >> is there anything you might doly now that time has passed a little bit. >> no, sir. >> so sabrina and tracey, when
4:45 am
you heard it was part of god's plan in george zimmerman's mind, what did you think? >> i don't understand what he was thinking it was god's plan that he murdered our child. and i really don't understand what god he worships because it is not the same god i worship. >> gretchin: sabrina. >> why would god have him kill an unarmed teenager. it makes no sense. so. >> what plan is it, i mean, that's just heartless to say that that was god's plan that he took our child's life. >> gretchin: of course, george zimmerman's claim he acted in self defense. i want to take you to the moment of the interview where he describes what he said happened that night. >> he started bashing my head in the concrote side walk.
4:46 am
i was -- he broke my nose and i started to yell for help. >> how many times did he punch you? >> several. more than a dozen. >> gretchin: mr. crump, you are the attorney for trayvon martin's partners. as a lawyer does that sound like self defense? >> gretchin, we have all of this evidence and the state attorney is going to see the interview as a gift when they go to cross examine george zimmerman. that is his version. trayvon is not here to tell what happened. and certainly everybody in america will can see that george zimmerman's credibility is an issue. >> gretchin: in what way? >> all of the things he said to the court and so many inconsistencies that he sold. we don't have enough time on your show to go through the inconsistencies.
4:47 am
we only look at the court order to talk about george zimmerman's credibility and the things he said in the bond hearing. his credibility, it is his the only person who say trayvon attacked him. there is no evidence that says that. look at objective evidence versus subjective evidence and you add them up, the subject george zimmerman version is not consistent with subject evidence. >> gretchin: one. things is pointing to whether or not trayvon martin was running or walking or skipping. i want you to hear a part of the interview where george zimmerman explains what he saw. >> you said on the 911 call that hoe's running. you said that to the dispatch. >> i may have said running. but he was more. >> you said running. >> skipping and go away
4:48 am
quickly but not running out of fear. >> you can tell the difference? >> he was not running. >> he was not running. >> no, sir. >> but that is what you said to the dispatcher. >> is that what you are talk being mr. crum. >> yes, ma'am. that is so crucial . we hear the 911 conversation he has with the operator and you remember, gretchin, an hour after he shot trayvon mart nin the written statement. he said he got out of his car to check street signs. we know from listening to the 911. oh, -- expleasit word -- we hear the wind whisteging and the pursuit. we hear it with our own ears. it is latin, the thing speaks for itself. listen with your own ears. >> gretchin: george said he
4:49 am
said the word punk. he was accused of saying something else that was thought to be racial. before i want to go, i want sabrina and tracey's thoughts . we got your commentos the apology. would you find it in your heart to forgive this man? >> my son was murdered a couple of months ago, it is not something that i can stomach right now. maybe in a few years, i don't know. but it is really difficult right now to sit in the same room as somebody that murdered my son. >> i think it is too much to ask of us to forgive the guy that don'tine regret taking our son's life. and so, just to ask us to forgive george zimmerman, is too much. >> sabrina and tracey martin, benge benjamin crump thank you for your time and the response
4:50 am
to the zimmerman interview. >> thank you. >> coming up on "fox and friends" another green energy goes bust this time it is costing you $400 million there is now an investigation darryl issa is leading it we'll talk to himnext. pposed to be driving that in here? no! did mom say we could eat all that? [ john ] yes. [ male announcer ] it's nice to finally say "yes." new oscar mayer selects. it's yes food. the world of new friskies plus. which is friskies plus more. more of the things alice desires. with all theutrition alice requires. it's a world of shiny furs.
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4:53 am
>> to answer the question of the anthony edward. andy is the winner from iwampt congratulations. it was promised to create 1500 jobs after given 400 million in taxpayer funs . earlier this month a bound
4:54 am
solar if i'med for bankruptcy and adding to the list of failed grine energy companis and now the entoire company and lean is under investigation . >> i're chairman issa led the hearing yesterday on capitol hill and joins us live today. >> guest: good morn thanks for covering another fail would solar project that went outside of the bounds and rules for making a loan and the american peoplere paying for it. >> steve: tell us about aboundar solar. >> guest: the most important thing is johnathon silver and department of energy employees producing an outside web of private e-mails in which they exchanged documents and strat jized-- stratagized how to get the loans approved and used as
4:55 am
an excuse that the department of the energy doesn't have money and technology to have an affective internet based e-mail system. so it is a discovery for us. apparently no matter how much money spend in the doe, they can't do e-mail and g-mail. >> steve: having a meeting and outside e-mail what do you think they are doing? >> guest: ther being opaque. >> steve: what are you talking about? >> guest: they are taking things out what is require tod be there. it is it available for the american people eventually and supposed to be available with congressional oversight. how do the ends justify the means and how do we make sure
4:56 am
we get the loans to the companies whether or not they deserve them and their financial plan is solvent and whether or not they will make money without a series of subidies and the like. >> the acting atf sounds like on a video he's talking directly to whistle blowers and saying there is consequences if they do something wrong. what is that meant to do. >> it was scary and senator grassly and i cent a letter jointly. it is a not so veiled threat telling the men and women of atf not to do what they did to expose fast and furuous. they let us know of the wrong doing of the u.s. justice department and eric holder's employees is saying no. keep it in the chain. we saw them go through the chain ask told just keep doing the same thing it is only
4:57 am
leaving the chain they exposed it >> thank you for bringing it to our attention. mishle malcan is joining us. senator marco rubio and hall of fame quarterback joe montana on deck. stay with us. . [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds.
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, july 19. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great day. george zimmerman breaks his sigh presence a fox news exclusive. >> he said, you're going to die tonight (bleep) and took one hand off of my mouth and i felt it going down my chest towards my belt, my holster. that's when i didn't have any more time. >> gretchen: michelle malkin here to react to that interview. >> steve: meanwhile, millions of americans are out of work, so what's the president doing about it? well, apparently not talking to his jobs council, at least in
5:01 am
the last six months. florida senator marco rubio who is dealing with record unemployment here it react this half hour. >> peter: world famous comedian caught zinging the president in front of thousands of fans has liberal hollywood enough. "fox & friends" starts right now >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's thursday, we're going to be heading outside because we have the wound warrior project here today. they're going to be starting their bike tour, fund-raiser, right here on our plaza at the end of our show. >> steve: the soldier ride, they started the very first one, chris carney, was here about nine years ago. he took off. he raised a million dollars riding 5,000 miles. today, as you can see, we've got a giant flag between two new york city fire department ladder
5:02 am
trucks. we've got pipe and bugle corp. and there will be a purple heart pinning, which is something we've never had here. >> peter: when i was out there this morning, i felt like i was touching the heart and soul of america. the pain and sacrifice and the courage out there this morning is something that we all ought to be touching, and we will be. >> steve: it's a great day and thank you for joining us this hour. we've got lots it get to. we'll heart with headlines. >> gretchen: new pictures in of the man suspected in a brazen homicide attack on three tourist in bulgaria. he's seen wearing a baseball cap and a wig. overnight learned he was carrying a fake driver's license. guess where it was from? michigan. yep. c.i.a. says the person does not exist in their databases. the bomb tore through a bus, leaving seven people dead, dozens more hurt. more than 154 people on that bus, including eight kids. israel says hezbollah is responsible and israel will retaliate. iran denying responsibility.
5:03 am
more than 100,000 businesses in the northeast and homes without power across seven states. this was in manhattan where golf ball size hail rained down. former nfl player took this incredible picture from an airplane above queens new york. the rain formed a giant shield overt city. massachusetts, up to vomit, seeing hail, rain, no major injuries. parents of anwar al-awlaki are suing the u.s. government. the aclu filing the lawsuit on their behalf that claims the drone strike that killed their son and two other american terrorists in yemen last year was unconstitutional. the justice department firing back, saying it was justified. al-awlaki, a major al-qaeda figure, was linked to the underwear bomber and nidal malik hasan. exonerated inmate gets to
5:04 am
sing the national anthem before the tampa bay rays baseball game in st. petersburg, florida. ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: sounds pretty good. just 21-years-old when he was wrongly convicted of murder in the 1980s. he was freed near two decades later thanks to dna. what a story. those are the headlines. >> steve: that particular line about land of the free must be very emotional for him. let's go to colorado springs where every thursday morning michelle malkin joins us. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> steve: when you're not on this program, you're often on the sean hannity program on wednesday nights. last night he had an exclusive interview with george zimmerman where they talked about what
5:05 am
happened that night. we want to play a little snippet for folks who did not watch the interview where george says since that night, that rainy night in february, he feels like his life is in jeopardy. listen. >> do you feel your life is in jeopardy? >> yes, sir. >> by the black panther party? >> amongst others, yes, sir. >> you've had multiple death threats? >> yes, sir. >> look at what happened in this case because it became so public, spike lee is tweeting out what he thinks is your home address. the reverend al sharpton and nbc news tries to use this case to bring up the issue of racial profiling. what do you say to spike lee, who didn't know the facts of the case? what do you say to al sharpton and those who rushed to justice? what do you think their motives were? >> i can't guess what their motives are. i would just ask for an apology.
5:06 am
>> steve: do you think he's going to get an apology from those parties that sean mentioned? >> i doubt it. these smears and the rush to judgment, the reckless playing of the race card have been disproved, not just by george zimmerman's testimony here in this interview, but last week, of course, there was a report that the f.b.i. had interviewed dozens of people and concluded with rather solid evidence that there was no racism on george zimmerman's part when this very unfortunate and tragic incident occurred. i think it's also telling, of course, that the reaction to the interview, the reaction to merely having zimmerman tell his side of the story has been more race card playing and not less. i think it's unfortunate that these death threats and vet tree
5:07 am
ideal that the zimmerman family has been met with will not be retracted and there is not going to be an apology. i think that's a really damning indictment of a lot of the culture. >> peter: who is playing the race card and how in reaction to this interview that took place last night already? where are we seeing that? how are seeing that? >> well, you can check my twitter curation site, twitchy, where we monitored a lot of the immediate reaction after the interview. the attacks that sean hannity is receiving himself now and fox news for airing the interview, especially, i think, are shameful given that a lot of the main stream media had gotten so much of the story wrong in the first place. of course, in a lot of the rush to cover the story, many mistakes were made. but there were a loft mistakes that were not apologized for. i think that's what george
5:08 am
zimmerman is getting at in that interview. and the white washing, i think, of things like these black panther death threats. >> gretchen: okay. there is other big news happening as well, michelle. of course, with the whole economy and the presidential election coming up the first week in november and much has been made about the comments the president made last friday when he was visiting virginia and said the government played a big role in people's personal success and small business, et cetera. now there seems to be push back coming from surprising places, like what? >> yeah. like john lovit, for example. he's the snl, saturday night live alum who took to twitter yesterday and you can find this on our sites well,, posted a picture of barak obama and the caption read, the nobel peace prize. you didn't earn that. somebody else did that for you. and this is just part of a massive social media pushback. i think that obama certainly
5:09 am
touched a nerve and it's not just among us crazy conservatives and limited government types. there are a lot of independent, small business owners who i think felt very aggrieved and insulted by not just the specific words that obama used, but the larger ideological contempt and derision and ignorance that is shown by so many of these bureaucrats. >> gretchen: is it a turning point, in your mind, in the election cycle? >> i think it's the beginning of a turning point. i think that a lot of conservatives and republicans shouldn't make the mistake that merely pointing out that obama holds these views is somehow going to lock in the results of the election. i think that there are two main themes that need to be harmed away. it isn't merely his contempt for free enterprise and business people. it's the corruption that has marked the last four years and
5:10 am
the redistribution of individual entwhistle thes and business -- entrepreneurs and business owners' wealth to other businesses that are i don't knowies of this government -- cronies of this government that didn't properly earn their money, their profits and their success, or failure, as in the case of so many of these crony businesses as we've been talking about. >> steve: i saw on his web site, mitt romney now selling t-shirts referring back to the roanoke episode where the t-shirt says, i built my business, mr. president. check out her web sites,, where you can read all of her columns, and, a social media aggregator. thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> you bet. you, too. >> gretchen: coming up, dealing with a short sale or under water on your mortgage? real estate expert bob massi here to answer all of your questions. >> peter: then a shocking investigation. why potential terrorist can still get on planes in the united states 11 years after the
5:11 am
worst attack on american soil. >> steve: learn how to fly planes [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, st $14.99. start with soup, salad ancheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. devry university, proud to support the education ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol
5:14 am
- a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> peter: with so much uncertainty in the market, more examine more americans are nervous about the future of their homes and their families' homes. that's why we bring in real estate guru bob massi, fox news legal analyst, to answer your questions. >> good morning. >> peter: good morning, thank you for joining us live from las vegas. let's get to the questions 'cause you get hundreds of them. first, betsy from pennsylvania says, bob, my son recently made an offer on a short sale in illinois. his attorney called and said the
5:15 am
house is going to foreclosure in the next few weeks. why would the lenders not take an offer as opposed to foreclosure from betsy? what do you say? >> i'm using a nice word, they're idiots, that's why. the bottom line is honestly, you examine i as lawyers and litigators, i will tell you the last four years of my life, i have never dealt with people that have lost a sense that americans live in a home and all they want is a sense of understanding. i talked to a guy and here is what he said. he said when offers go in on short sales, so our viewers understand, that's when an offer is made for less than what's owed, they do an evaluation, peter, and they determine what is the best number. if they're not satisfied with the number on the short sale, they, the lender, would rather turn down the cash, foreclose on the property, and literally sell it for less. and it happens all over the
5:16 am
country in the markets that are affected. las vegas, florida, michigan, texas, california, arizona, it's crazy. but it happens and it's just the way these people deal with it and that's why i have the contempt that i have. >> peter: so it's stupid for them and it hurts people and hopefully they're watching you this morning 'cause they'll learn a lot. christopher from maryland writes in: my mother passed away. in the will she didn't leave the house to anyone. this happens more than we think. do we have rights to that house, even though she didn't leave it? >> certainly. assuming that they are the primary heirs, as you know, they need to go see the state attorney to look at this. by by chance is what's going to happen, is under the if you die without a will, you will be the heirs, you will be able to inherit. but it's most likely going to have to be probated because there wasn't a living trust nor was the asset handled. make sure if a will was done g
5:17 am
to the lawyer that prepared it, if they're still practicing, otherwise go to an estate lawyer and they'll handle it. you should be able to inherit that house. >> peter: final questions, less than a minute here, i have only one child and one asset. my house, which is under water, but i own it free and clear. do i need to set up a trust or will to leave to my child? what do you say, bob? >> not necessarily. the one thing i don't encourage to you do is never put your child's name on the house for purposes of making sure that upon your death, it goes to he or she. what you need to do is a lot of states have what's called a deed effective upon death. almost like a life insurance policy. you put the name of the person that you want it to go to on that deed that's not an ownership right, but upon the death of that person automatically goes. again, check with an estate lawyer. see if your state has that. they do make exceptions in this area. i'm sure there is a law that will make it easy and not have to go to the expense of a trust.
5:18 am
>> peter: bob massi, great advice. and i've got a question and i'm going to call with you it, if i could. if you have more questions for bob, e-mail him at friends at fox he's going to answer these questions. always great to see you. we'll see you next week. take a look at this shocking video. a man grabs a little girl right off the street in broad daylight. how her two-year-old brother actually saved her. then millions of americans are out of work sadly. so what is the president doing about it? well, he's not talking to his jobs council. florida senator marco rubio, who is dealing with record unemployment in the state of florida, he's here to react [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
5:19 am
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5:22 am
>> peter: quick headlines. new video in, amtrak train with 86 passengers derailing overnight in washington state. it was heading from portland to seattle. no one is hurt. bus transportation is being set up for the passengers. it's being called a kitchen sink approach to heart disease. a new pill combining three different kinds of medication to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. researchers say the pill even prevented high blood pressure and cholesterol in patients who had no history of cardiovascular disease. great thing, the pill not just on the market just yet, but researchers say it's really very promising. gretchen? >> gretchen: thank you, peter. the president taking a lot of heat for suggesting small business owners should partially
5:23 am
thank the government for their success. >> so how are the swing states hit hard by the recession taking that news? florida senator marco rubio joins us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: okay. so a couple of days ago, the president talking about business people who have been successful and he said you didn't build that. everywhere i have gone over the last four or five days, people have said, can you believe he said that? and i've got friends who voted for president obama and are independents and they said, what was he thinking? what's this going to do for florida? >> he was being honest about what he feels. and that's what we've been saying all along. he's not a believer in the american free intersurprise system. they'll never admit that because the american people support the american free enterprise. so they have to dress it up as something else. but the fundamental fact is that this president believes at his core and has always believed that the way the economy grows is when and he government have more power to take money and redistribute it into the economy. they've always believed that. you remember back in 2008 he
5:24 am
said that on the campaign trail and he's saying it again now. this is fundamentally what he believes and i think it's a reminder to voters in my state, but across the country what, a dramatic choice they have in november between two very different views of our future. one where the president and the government is in charge of our economy and the other where we, the people of the country, are in charge of the economy. >> gretchen: we got a glimpse of some of that feeling with the joe the plumber comment and spread the wealth before the 2008 election. obviously barak obama was still elected. maybe people will pay attention to this a little bit more because they've also been having the 3 1/2 years of the presidency and seeing other examples. maybe they'll also listen to jay carney, his spokesperson try to respond to the question about why has the jobs council not had a meeting since january 17? >> jobs council, obviously reported to haven't met formally or publicly for six months. why exactly is that?
5:25 am
>> the president solicits and receives input and advice from members of his jobs council and others about economic initiatives all the time. >> there is no reason they haven't met publicly? >> no, there is no specific reason except the president obviously has a lot on his plate. >> gretchen: how do you respond to that? >> first of all, this is typical. he did this with the debt and deficit. he appoints a group of people and when they come back with recommendations he doesn't like, he ignores them and campaigns against many of these things, like the so-called territorial tax system. these are people who held him, the way the economy grows is when people who have made money take that money and use it to start a new business or grow an existing business. but he doesn't want to hear that 'cause ideal lodgely that's not what he believes. so he ignores the recommendations and moves on. i think that's what we're seeing happening. >> gretchen: you would think with the jobs council, people who were appointed by the president, you even think their advice might be counter to what
5:26 am
he believes and that's why he hasn't had a meeting? >> oh, absolutely. we know that for a fact. if you look at some of the recommendations made and some of the public statements from some of those member, it's very clear that many of them clearly understand that the biggest impediments to growth in america today, nardoo all the uncertainty about our tax code, et cetera, is run away regulations, complicated tax code and we're making it harder and discouraging people from investing money in america's future. and i can tell you that the president doesn't want to hear that. i think that's why they ignore it and move on with their campaign speeches. >> steve: you heard jay carney. he's got a lot on his placement of course, that's fund-raiser, but i digress. let's talk about what your colleague from across the aisle, senator patty murray of washington, was talking about a couple of days ago. she made it very clear that the democrats are ready to let the bush era tax cuts expire all together. they're not fooling around this time. listen to the senator from the great state of washington. >> if we can't get a good deal, a balanced deal that calls on
5:27 am
the wealthy to pay their fair share, then i will absolutely continue this debate into 2013 rather than lock in a long-term deal this year to throw middle class families under the bus. >> steve: you know, a lot of people have heard we're coming to a fiscal cliff or tax armageddon or stuff like that. they don't realize that shortly after the election, there is a real judgment day coming for washington, d.c. >> there is a real judgment day coming for the american economy. i think what's going to happen is we're going to see a number of taxes increase dramatically and start to feel the effects already. business already planning for next year. you're going to start to see layoff, businesses not investing to grow their business. you're starting to see that. people are feeling the pain of this reality. look, that speech on earlier this week, number one, misstated the republicans' position on this issue. the second thing is ignores is a study that just came out yesterday that said very clearly
5:28 am
that if the democrats plan to raise taxes on america, go through, millions of small businesses are going to be in peril. 700,000 jobs could be lost, not to mention all the businesses that aren't going to start up and all the jobs that aren't going to be created. this is a very real problem that needs to be addressed. >> steve: it's interesting how you don't hear that story on any real outlets in the main stream media, do you? >> well, unfortunately i think some folks want to ignore that part of the argument. they keep talking about tax on the rich because it polls well and sounds like what the democrats want to push. but the reality is we know for a fact that it takes money out of the economy, puts it into the hands of government. this is money that now cannot be reinvested in starting new businesses or growing existing businesses and that's why that study came out this week saying 700,000 jobs will be lost if the democrats tax increase goes through. >> gretchen: senator, before we let you go, we have to go to your favorite topic, i know, don't say oh, my gosh action i can't believe you're going to ask that again. but the fox news poll, recent one, they asked people who would be the pick for romney's running
5:29 am
mate among republicans? condoleeza rice was first at 30%. and you, sir, were second at 19%. your response? >> well, i stopped talking about the whole process a few months ago. i know this for a fact, mitt romney will make a great choice and great selection. he's always made good decision. that's the number one qualification of a president birks the way. and he'll make a good decision on this issue as well. >> steve: marco rubio from capitol hill, thank you very much. have a great day. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, last month 80,000 jobs were created. can we expect better news this morning? brand-new numbers released on the other side of this break. >> steve: record number of people in this country are on food stamps. so why is our government now working with the country of mexico to make that number even higher? >> gretchen: it's been eight years in the making. up next, an american hero nine gets his purple heart. you'll see it right here live on "fox & friends" i'm a marathon runner,
5:30 am
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5:33 am
>> gretchen: fox business alert. labor department just releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 386,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's up from 350,000 the week before and more than expected. i think it was last week where it had trial begun down and
5:34 am
wasn't expected to go down. that was good news because the weeks prior to that it had been up. >> peter: this is 20,000 more than anticipated. >> steve: sure. i think that's when you look at the fox news poll results that came out yesterday, more people are becoming pessimistic about the future of the economy and where we're standing today than we were back in april. >> peter: not gotta. >> steve: not the direction we want to go. >> gretchen: let's kick off headlines. on an interview on sean hannity, george zimmerman apologizing over the shooting of trayvon martin. earlier i asked trayvon's parents if they could forgive him. >> because he extended to the apology to you and we got your comments, would you ever find it in your heart to forgive this man? >> our son just was murdered a couple months ago. so it's not something that i can really stomach right now. i mean, maybe in a few years. i don't know. but it's just reallycult right now to actually face and
5:35 am
sit in the same room as somebody that murdered my son. >> i think it's too much to ask of us to forgive the guy that don't even regret taking our son's life. >> gretchen: part 2 of the interview with george zimmerman airs tonight. >> peter: it's supposed to make sure flying is safe, but extremely troubles news from the government accountability office. the tsa letting 25 illegal immigrants attend a flight school in boston. >> steve: great. >> peter: some even got pilots licenses. even worse o'clock an illegal immigrant owned the school. republican congressman mike rogers shocked and outraged. >> iraq war veterans, all forced to undergo rigorous security checks before getting on an airplane. and at the same time, ten years after 9-11, there are foreign nationals in the united states
5:36 am
trained to fly just like mohammed atta and the other 9-11 hijackers did. and not all of them are getting a security background check. is that risk based security? i don't think so. >> peter: the gsa finding people on the in fly list were approved for pilot training. >> steve: remember mohammed atta? dust from the desert making its way all the way to florida. that's right. meteorologists say the dust particles will travel across the atlantic on trade winds and set up camp 5,000 feet or so above ground. it will paint the sky kind of a milky shade in florida. those with extreme sensitivity to air particles might want to limit their time outdoors. good advice. >> gretchen: shocking video of an attempted child abduction in philadelphia. come to your screen if you're not watching now because check out this guy right here who tries to snatch that ten-year-old girl. he puts his hand over her mouth right off the street. this is broad daylight. he then gropes her, but not
5:37 am
before falling down. police say it was her little two-year-old brother who you can see there, that other image, who screamed and quickly scared the guy away. he then fled in a white sedan. if you have any information about this case, please call your local authorities. >> peter: the united states shuttle program may be over, but the age of exploration is getting started. >> gretchen: nasa testing out its orion capsule in houma, arizona. casey stegall is there for us live. good morning. you got a close up look for us, huh? >> good morning to you. i don't know how much closer you can get than this. check this out. this is orion. in two years time, this thing is going to be launched into deep space. it's going to go 15 times farther than the international space station. this is obviously just the crew capsule. but take a look at what this thing will look like when it hitches a ride on a rocket to get there from kipuka inch really, florida.
5:38 am
these are nasa animations, when it goes up in 2014, it will be unmanned at first because they must test it. when it comes to reentering the earth's atmosphere. >> the shuttle came back in 17,500 miles an hour. >> here in arizona, they're going to be testing the capsules' parachute system. the devices will help bring orion safely back home once it gets past reentry. so they're dropping it out of a c-17 cargo jet at more than 20,000 feet over the arizona desert. this is the fifth of 18 parachute tests that will happen. eventually it will take man to places like mars and that is projected to happen in less than ten years. this is the next generation of nasa space exploration. obviously replacing the shuttle camera, getting nasa back to its
5:39 am
exploration roots, guys. >> gretchen: all right. casey stegall live for us in arizona, thanks so much. time to go back outside and check out what steve is doing with our wounded warriors. >> steve: james was hit by mortar in iraq back in 2004. he lost part of his lung and his shoulder as well and today eight years later, this american hero is getting his purple heart. good morning to you, james. >> good morning. >> steve: also joining us, andrew, specialist, and the fellow there, who will be doing the pinning, major john sullivan. we're just going to watch. >> attention from the united states of america to all who shall see these present, greetings. awarded in the name of the president of the united states of america, established by general george washington at
5:40 am
newburg, new york, 7 august, 1782, to army specialist james patrick o'leary for wounds received in combat action against hostile enemy forces in iraq on 19 july, 2004. >> good luck. >> steve: round of applause, folks! [ cheers and applause ] we've been doing this program an awfully long time and that's the first time we've seen a purple heart on the program. today is your live day, right? >> correct. >> steve: tell us what happened in 2004, if you don't mind. >> basically our fob got hit pretty bad by some mortars in three locations. i came down and lost part of my lung, shattered shoulder, shattered ribs and i'm lucky to
5:41 am
be here. >> steve: you are lucky to be here. you also, sir, were injured on the same day, part of the same mortar attack. what does this mean that you are able to be here with your comrade on this day? >> it's a great horn to be here with james. physically i wasn't wounded that day, but i saw a couple of my teammates killed and severely wounded and i came back with posttraumatic stress disorder. every day i live fort guys that didn't come home. >> steve: absolutely. today you're also taking part in the soldier ride that's going to be kick off right here. we've been doing this live here on "fox & friends" since the last nine years. we have never had such a big crowd, folks. you'll all see it happen in a couple of minutes from now. thank you for joining us. [ applause ] gretchen, peter, in to you. >> peter: what a stirring moment. you make us all alive, don't they? >> gretchen: they certainly do. we'll all be out there to kick off the race in about 15 minute.
5:42 am
>> peter: coming up, a judge makes a decision on the mosque at the center of the major, major controversy. >> gretchen: plus, he's talking football and politics. one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, joe montana here next bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon? bacon! who wants a begginstrip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmmmm...i love you. i love bacon. i love you.
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>> peter: quick headlines. the controversial mosque in tennessee will open its doors today. a battle over the mosque began in 2010 when protesters claimed muslims were trying to replace the u.s. constitution with sharia law. despite the lawsuit, a federal judge ruled it can open in time for the islamic holy month of ramadan. and the usca under fire for
5:46 am
partnering with the mexican government in an effort to get immigrants to apply for food stamps. nearly 46 million americans are on food stamps already at a cost of $72 billion a year to taxpayers. gretchen, steve? >> steve: thank you very much. hall of famer joe montana right there known as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time playing for 14 seasons with the san francisco 49ers and two with my beloved kansas city chiefs. >> gretchen: he's not adjust football player, he's a businessman. he got approval to build motels near the new 9ers stadium. joe montana joins us now. good to see you again. >> good morning. >> steve: you're in hotels now? >> it's a whole development right next to the stadium we've been working on. >> steve: part of a complex? >> yeah, part of a big complex. hotel is just one little part of it. have a little fun with that. >> gretchen: what do you make of the business climate right now? you're obviously in the middle of a huge venture out in california.
5:47 am
do you think it's good time to be starting business? >> that's what everybody keeps saying. and everybody talks about the economy and the issues we're all having and i see it and i hear it, but try to get on an airplane, try to get in your hotel, somebody is traveling, doing something. i'm just not sure where that line divides. everything that we've heard from a you will the experts, so to speak issues said it's a good time to get started. by the time you're finished, everything should be back in line. >> steve: so from your point of view, things look like they're getting better a bit? >> it seems like they're getting better a bit. i always judge by the freeway out in california. back before the bubble burst -- >> steve: that's why they need a train there. >> you couldn't get up and down the freeway. now it's getting back to where it's getting really, really busy on 1010 out there. >> gretchen: let's talk about the 49ers. the odds in vegas say that they're number within to win the
5:48 am
super bowl coming up this year. >> they've got -- their defense played extremely well last year. second year in the offense. they added new weapons that will help offensively. i can understand how people see that. >> steve: yeah. a lot of people wake up first thing in the morning and a lot of people have aches and pains and you're here again today, you've been here to talk about joint juice before. tell us what this stuff is and why you're such a big supporter of it. >> i actually went in to see dr. kevin stone one of the founders of this, for my -- about a knee replacement and partial. we started talking about this. i started taking it and what's really funny, it's not like a pill where you take for pain and all of a sudden it disappears. this is one of those things that takes 14 to 30 days to get in your system. >> steve: tastes good. >> it's pretty good. and when you really notice it is when you stop taking it. and that's what i found is the hardest. it's nice 'cause when you travel with the little bottles, they
5:49 am
have little straws that you can take. >> steve: a loft people take glucosamine and stuff like that. >> it's the same. it's a different mix. it's a liquid form that gets in your system faster and i make a protein shake with it in the morning. >> steve: that's a good idea. >> gretchen: you would only have aches and pains from all the years on the turf. not because you're old. you're still looking good. >> i'm getting this. >> gretchen: thanks for being here today. it's always great to have you on the show. >> thank you. >> steve: i was just outside and the wounded warriors would like to take a picture with you. would you like to come outside with us? >> you bet. my pleasure. >> steve: because we're moments away from the start of the annual soldier ride. you'll see it happen right here on "fox & friends" in about two minutes. >> gretchen: first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what's on at the top of the hour. >> that man ruined my childhood, i want you to know. >> gretchen: i know. >> twice he beat my team. i know he can't hear me. but joe montana, thanks for coming in. >> steve: get over it. cut the cord, that was 50 years
5:50 am
ago. >> gretchen: i know! he ruined me, too. i'm a vikings fan. >> great show this morning. new fox polling tell a fascinating story about where voters are 100 days from the election. kevin mccarthy on the fiscal cliff, how will israel respond to the suicide bomb attack? is syria truly on the brink or does assad double down on the war? it is mid july. there is so much to talk about. we'll get to all of that. ten minutes away here on "america's newsroom" [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> steve: all right. we're moments away from the kickoff this year of the wounded warrior project soldier ride with special guest joe montana. [ cheers and applause ] first let's check in with a couple of the cyclists.
5:54 am
we've got all sorts of fellows from all over the country. and this guy doesn't know we're coming up behind him. what's your name? >> bill. >> steve: bill, how important is this that you're part of the soldier ride today? >> it's a great opportunity to be out with fellow soldiers, out riding and accomplishing whatever we can do. >> steve: i understand. today about 15, 20 miles and over the next couple of days, 60 or 70. you ready? >> i'm ready. let's rock'n'roll. >> steve: all right. we will. >> gretchen: we have dan and maggie with us. you're the director of soldier ride and the director of combat stress. so what does this mean to be able to kick off right on "fox & friends" and where are they going? >> it's inspirational. that's all. it's not only inspirational for them, for u but for these warriors to be here in new york city, getting to ride through the city, safe can be with the firemen, the police helping us out. so it's great for them, great for us. we're going to go to brooklyn and have a party at the end of the day. >> peter: maggie, combat stress,
5:55 am
tell us what's going on today with you. >> absolutely. this is a great opportunity for warriors to have that first step in their recovery to get out and find their new normal. >> steve: all right. today to kick things off we've done this every year for the last nine years, we've got joe montana to kick things off. joe, are you ready? >> i'm always ready. not sure i can ride as far as they're going. all right. ladies and gentlemen, get on your way. >> steve: let's go! >> gretchen: good luck. >> steve: we'll get out of the way. allall right. >> peter: there is always a little delay. i got to give you fair warning. >> steve: i understand. there will be a little traffic in midtown manhattan. 48th and 6th avenue and luckily the police department of new york city is cooperating. we've also got the fire department of new york. they've set up a beautiful display, gigantic flak here at 48th and 6th avenue. >> peter: ladder company 11 and 49.
5:56 am
>> steve: we're ready. >> peter: finest and bravest with our wounded warriors. very nice. this all got started nine years ago right here on "fox & friends." fellow by the name of chris carney rode a bike a million miles -- rather raised a million dollars, 5,000 miles. it was really great. >> peter: let's give a big cheer for our wounded warriors as they get started! let's give a big new york and american cheer as they get going! these are our guys and gals! [ applause ] >> steve: the official kickoff, in two minutes !
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> gretchen: here we're going to start the race right now.


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